Torani is a house of nostalgia that takes inspiration from the fables and memories of Karan Torani's grandmother. Born in Delhi, he grew up surrounded by an all-embracing culture. However, it was his days spent in the city of Bhopal around his grandmother that shaped his aesthetic sense.

Our Inspiration - A Nostalgic Potpourri

Remembering long afternoons around his grandmother's house and watching her do the regular household chores wearing simple Chanderi sarees got him obsessed with the classic beauty of Indian handlooms. There were countless little things about her that made her the ultimate muse for Torani. But mostly, it was her simplicity and a certain timeless charm that left a haunting memory on his mind.

Our Journey - Exploring Indian Looms and Crafts

As a natural progression, Torani always found a connect with Indian looms, crafts, and traveling through the country to find a similar sense of comfort in his clothes. This journey took him over 6 years, where he traveled and mapped different ends of the country, studying these crafts to perfection. From Bihar's Madhubani to Gujarat's bandhej; from Chanderi to Kolkata's fine mulmul.

Our Resonance - Tales of Indian Mythology

Learning the fascinating tales of Hindu gods and goddesses from elders was a usual routine in the early 90s in northern India. The fables of Indian mythology and its legendary characters had a deep resonance with Karan. One such divine tale was about Airavata, the seven-trunked white elephant that flies in the skies and showers rains with Lord Indra. It was one of those many characters that found a lasting impression on his mind and somehow became a symbol of nostalgia and our logo for TORANI.

Our Vision - Embracing Indian Handlooms and Crafts

At Torani, we aim to embrace the beauty of Indian handlooms and crafts, preserving the timeless charm of our heritage while providing modern aesthetics. Our inspiration, journey, and resonance with Indian mythology have made us passionate about exploring the vast and diverse world of Indian textiles. From sarees and lehengas to designer blouses and Kurta sets, we aim to offer a wide range of handcrafted designs that reflect the essence of Indian culture and tradition.

Our Commitment - Custom-made Designs

We offer customized or made-to-order products, which means every piece is uniquely crafted to suit the customer's preference. We believe in providing a personalized shopping experience to our customers, where they can choose the fabric, design, and style according to their taste. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that every piece of clothing is a work of art.

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